ZigBee Motion Sensor

Add a line of defense for your home

Smart Scene, Awakens Your Home

Want your light to turn on automatically when you go into the hallway? Simply set

a smart scene to activate your home in the action.

Any Motion, Even Visible

Link a camera to the motion sensor and place it almost anywhere home, then you

can view what’s going on in your home through the camera on the sensor page of APP.

Wider-angle & Long-distance Detection

Can provide detection distance of up to 6M and angle of up to 110° when the sensor works,

ensuring the suspicious motion near your house is detected even earlier.

*The detection sensitivity may be affected by environment.

Low-battery Notification

You will get a notification of low-battery level when the battery life gets 10% remaining.

Intelligent Security, Simple Installation

Simply use our included 3M adhesives to get the motion sensor mounted

in your ideal locations just in seconds

Installation Instruction

Product Introduction

Installation methods

1. Placed on the desktop for use.


2. Tear off the protective film of the 3M adhesive and stick the device on the desired area.



1. Do not install on the metal surface, otherwise it will affect the wireless communication distance.

2. The device weight is less than 1 kg.

3. The installation height of less than 2 m is recommended.



Device Pairing Instruction


1.Pull out the battery insulation sheet.


2. Add sub-devices


Connect the Bridge before adding the sub-device.

Access eWeLink APP, select the Bridge that you want to connect, and tap “Add” to add a sub-device.


Then long press “RST” reset button on the device for 5s until the LED indicator flashes three times, which means the device has entered the pairing mode, and be patient until pairing completes.



1. If the addition failed, move the sub-device closer to the Bridge and try again.

2. Once the device entered the pairing mode, it will quit pairing mode after 30s automatically.

3. SONOFF ZigBee Bridge supports connecting multiple sub-devices at the same time.

Delete sub-devices

Long press the reset button on the sub-device for 5s until the LED indicator flashes three times. In this case, the sub-device is deleted from the Bridge successfully.



1. Users can delete sub-devices directly from the sub-device page on APP.


1. How does it get powered?

CR2450 coin cell battery.

2. Which Zigbee protocol does it follow?

ZigBee HA 1.2 protocol.

3. Can I pair several sub-devcies at the same time?


4. What’s the maximum working distanc?

Within 80m from the SONOFF ZBBridge or intermediate router(eg.BASICZBR3).

5. Can I share it with others?

It can’t be shared directly. We should share the ZBBridge with others and SNZB-03 will be shared automatically.

6. Does it work with WiFi devices in a scene?


7. Does it support adding a camera in eWeLink?


8. Does it work with voice control of 3rd party platforms, like Alexa or Google Home?

No, it does not support.