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433MHz Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Remind you when door/window is opened. Keep linkage with SONOFF smart products for your easier smart life.

Work with SONOFF RF-Bridge and other Gateways which use EV1527

* IFTTT service is available for eWelink VIP advanced and Pro users

Alert Notification

Share Control

History Records Check

Smart Scene

IFTTT Function

Low Power Consumption

Always Know Whether Home Is Safe
The sensor will send you a push notification immediately if someone is detected to open your door or window.
Can See Who Came into Home
Add SONOFF camera or an unused smartphone, and you can view what’s going on in your home not just receive the alert notification when the door is opened.
Conserve Battery Life
Adopts low power comsumption technology which makes sure the sensor works up to 2 years in a frequency of opening/closing door three times a day.
Security in Each Corner inside of Home
Go Back to History Records
Automatically save message notifications. You can check history records over the last 3 months
Made Smart in the Action
Want the hallway to light up when you walk into the door? Simply connect the SONOFF switch or light to the sensor and go. *The condition and perform must be set on different devices.
Install in Seconds
Tool-free installation. Adopts 3M adhesive on the bottom of the sensor for easier installation.
*Make sure the installation gap is less than 5mm when the door or window is closed.
Compare with DW2-RF/DW2-WiFi/SNZB-04